Patachouli Oil CO2


Botanical Name: Pogosthemon Cablin Benth

Origin: Indonesia / India

Plant Part: Leaf

Method: Super critical fluid extraction (CO2 extraction)

Products: a) Patchouli Select Oil

More than hundred years back, India used to export fabrics perfumed with dried Patchouli leaves. Priced for its characteristic spicy, earthy, camphoraceous and herbaceous notes, Patchouli was highly sought after for the typical oriental aroma it imparted. Renowned for its excellent fixative properties, Patchouli Oil today is widely used in the perfumery, cosmetic and other similar industries.

We source Patchouli leaves from different sources around the world (mainly from India and Indonesia). We extract excellent quality Patchouli oil using a method called super-critical-fluid extraction in which we use CO2 gas as the agent for extraction.


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